GraphRisk was born from Dinis Cruz as an attempt to map the IT ecosystem of the organisation and the data flow between these systems (Data Journey in GDPR language). The project succeeded the initial scope of mapping the data journey within Photobox and gave insight to the governance and risk teams on how to use a graph data base to inspect data flows between systems.

The projects was designed to be able to represent the technological ecosystem, therefore GDPR pattern is not the only use-case. Dinis proposed to use this project as an open source solution for other organisations to visualise their data in a graphical way.



  • Ver. 1.0.0 [Release Date: 20/07/2018]

Technical Perspective


The core technologies that are used in building the solution are the following:

  • Server Side Script Language: CoffeeScript (running in Node v8+)

  • Database: Using JSON in file system and Neo4j

  • Client (Graphical User Interface): Hugo as a core UI component

The Workflow

How Does It Looks Like?

Download and instructions

Full source code along with instructions for the server and the client components can be found on the following locations:

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